on the lam

CSM - You Don't Know Me T-Shirt - Large - 01-21-2008Our Superyacht unmasking yesterday must have struck a nerve, as ‘the owner’ we mentioned (we’ll avoid using any names) doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor or appreciation for freedom of the press.  At least that’s what we think Mr. Clean meant when he sent this text messsage early this morning: “Hey Scot – apparently my writing has gotten me in trouble again, i guess my story on the guy came at a very bad time for publicity, and when he ain’t happy, bad people come knocking on your door. Me and the family need to disappear for a few months; by the time you read this, we’ll be aboard a 757 for a town where we can disappear until we work out this issue.  I’ll contact you when it is safe to.”
We’ll update you when we know more, but if you see a musclebound billiard ball with a beard and a wife and kid who are both way too good looking for him, don’t tell anyone!
Who knew reporting on yachting could be so dangerous?