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International Moth

In a deliberations with World Sailing and the International Moth Class Association, as well as the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Friday a resolution was reached to reclassify the Moth class while still retaining a majority of the class’ original rules.  A forerunner in the high tech foiling skiff class, this booming development class is guided by the rules and many hold distinct feelings on how the class as a whole should progress.

It was determined that a moth [vessel] should be reclassified as an “experimental” aircraft and therefore should be subject to the same identification, qualification, and material safety regulations set forth by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA].
Some of the more prominent CASA guidelines include the following:
1:) Craft must be registered through the CASA with AC Form 8050-1 and proof of ownership must be validated;

2:) Operator must fill out Form 1162 Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Application;

3:) Airframes must have the word “EXPERIMENTAL” in all capitals on the top and bottoms of BOTH wings, in black 300mm font;

4:) Operators must apply for a callsign through the Australian Communications and Media Authority [ACMA] and only respond to that name while in operation of said craft.

5:) Parachutes must be carried for each crewmember of at least type 4.1.17 by the Parachute Industry Association (PIA). – Anarchist Jimmer

Title inspiration thanks to John Cale.