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I admit I’m going entirely by the name on the transom in this wild-ass guess, but I’m reasonably sure the ultra-sexy blue monster on your left belongs to one of the most fascinating people in all of sailing.  Just launched and barged down Holland’s canals from the Royal Huisman yard, the new 190-foot Ngoni  most likely belongs to Tony Buckingham, a guy I got a little infatuated with when I raced against him in the Melges 32 Caribbean Series back in 2013 when his Ngoni had Chris Nicholson on tactics.
All the literature refers only to ‘the owner’ of the new Dubois design telling the designers “Build me a beast. Don’t build me a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This has to be an edgy and innovative weapon; fast and furious,” he said, according to  That sounds like Buckingham’s style – a guy who is best known for allegedly creating the mercenary firm Executive Outcomes, reported as “the advance guard for major business interests engaged in a latter-day scramble for the mineral wealth of Africa [including] oil, gold and diamond-mining ventures… and offshore financial management services.”  If you feel like going down a rabbit hole, read up on the man – his life is like several Hollywood movies rolled into one even if a fraction of the stories are true.  And the yacht suits.
Head over to the SY site for more pics and a barge-floating drone video that’s pretty damned cool.  One day…
If we’ve got it wrong, our apologies – we said it was a guess!