whatcha want, a cookie?

rockWe don’t think we’d be running a press release touting that “The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) is pleased to announce that multihulls will be welcomed into the 2018 edition of the Newport Bermuda Race.
2018? It took you tight-ass conservative hand wringers that long to finally give your sainted blessing? That “after careful study and consideration of the unique and challenging characteristics of our race to welcome multihulls of 58 feet and longer” you have decided to let the colored folk in? But if I have, say, a HH 55 catamaran, I can’t enter?? ¬†What, too black for ya?
This announcement is not to be heralded; rather the organizers are to be derided for such an incredibly and ridiculously delayed decision to partially lift the decades of bias, prejudice and ignorance of the blue blazer club against multihulls.
So you woke up from your dummy slumber and almost did the right thing. Whatcha want, a cookie?