like a g6

Big Pimpin’
oysterWhen builders point to the greater volume of a new model over its predecessor the risk is that the increase has been achieved at the expense of looks. More volume rarely leads to better aesthetics. Yet Oyster’s G6 range marks a step forward in both areas, delivering sleeker, more modern appearance while offering significantly more space above and below decks.
But the new style is much more than simply a smart exercise in creating a good-looking, voluminous boat. Since the G6 range was first announced in 2012 the project has been an ambitious one that extends from the new flagship of the fleet, the 118 that is currently in build, through seven models, to the recently announced 565 and 595s. A comprehensive new lineup that is arguably one of the boldest in the company’s history. There are certain details in the G6 approach that stand out immediately.
Stepping onto the new 745 (above) most noticeable is the sleeker, lower profile deck with its tinted, wrap-around saloon windows. The landscape oriented ‘seascape’ hull port lights are another signature of the new marque. Cleaner-looking, clutter-free decks are also part of a new style, as are sail plans that incorporate blade jibs, bowsprits, swept-back spreaders, full-width chainplates and carbon rigs. Read on.
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