the uncola

Eighty O’pen BICs participated in the North Americans hosted by Sarasota Youth Sailing, March 17-19. Beautiful conditions allowed the completion of 14 races and the O’pen BIC Freestyle Challenge with 32 teams.
The highlight of the event may have been the World Premier of the “Bridge of Doom” bringing course obstacles and X-Games feeling to Youth Sailing. On one reaching leg of the high-speed slalom course, the sailors had to heel over to get under an inflatable arch. This tested the sailor’s boat handling and made for added fun and drama.
Nine sailors from the North American’s now qualify for the America’s Cup Endeavour O’pen in Bermuda, and join twenty-three other international O’pen BIC sailors who will be The Half Time Show between Race One and Race Two of the America’s Cup Finals, June 17.
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