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hamilton for a buck

2006-04-27_082700_catWhile we’re not offering special tickets to the highest-priced Broadway musical in history, we are happy to point out that one of the quickest boats of her time is now for sale on eBay – with NO RESERVE!
Currrently offered for a cool £0,99, the two-time Little America’s Cup champion (1964, 65 helmed by Reg White) is available complete with a monster 47-foot mast with three trapezes, carrying 550 s.f. of sail upwind with another 800 down.  The ad claims she’s structurally sound, with a new main beam and carbon beam mounts, and needs little more than a new daggerboard and some ‘tidying’…
Regardless, if you’re in the UK or Europe and have a pocket full of change and a need to hit 20 knots in light air (or a love for sailing history), it might pay to keep an eye on this one.
Thanks to SA’er waynemarlow for the heads up.