worst race ever?

The light air shit show that is the 2017 Newport to Cabo race continues. Azhole, Locomotive, Mirage, Medicine Man, Hula Girl and Ande Amo have now joined Rio 100, Pyewacket, and Condor in the DNF club. That leaves a total of 10 boats struggling along at 3 knots with over 600 miles to go. Brutal.
Here is the latest from the J/125 Timeshaver (1st in ORR). Amazingly KMag does not sound suicidal. But now they too have quit…
Well not exactly exhilarating is it? We made it to Ensenada in under 48 hours, must be a record of some sort. I think it was longest time undddder drifter, ever. Highlight of this trip for the crew has been watching my BRAND NEW boots disintegrate 30 minutes prior to the race. The boots had been at work for a total of 20 minutes when that occurred and was two days ago, yes somehow just 120 miles away!
As for the race.. Genoa, 1A, Drifter, more drifter, more drifter, pretty much more drifter. The boat is doing well is doing well under the circumstances and the crew is doing all we can to remain positive and keep the boat moving. A lot of boats have retired and are probably enjoying something else which does sound good right about now.
Not sure what lies in our future for this race but I hope something changes… and soon!