here we go again

On Board
Keith Magnussen is already pissed. His brand new $400 “Fuckberry Boots” fell apart before the start. We think he’ll survive.
here we go againSo here we go again! Racing down the coast in one of my favorite events, the NHYC to Cabo Race. Although, looking at the forecast I’m not sure if that will still be a statement I say I’m the future.
Again I’m with my friends on the J-125 Timeshaver, wouldn’t have it any other way. Viggo, Blake, Tom, Cody and myself are joined this year by Damian Craig who is going to try and navigate this thing around all those holes that have opened up along the baja coast.
We have an interesting assortment of boats with some newcomers rounding out our fleet. I wonder how the Melges 32 are going to fare? That thing is going to seem really small in this light breeze.
I am super excited even though the wind is shit. We have anew ORR main, 2.5A and larger spin staysail so I’m hoping that this set up pays dividends in this light stuff. All the staff at Ullman Sails stepped up and we are stoked on the new look.
Our big question on the first day is inside our outside those little islands? Glad I’m not the one calling this!
Title inspiration thanks to the best rapper you have never heard.