these guys again?

phaedo newport
We actually go out of our way to not give these guys press but jesus, they need to stop not doing everything seemingly perfect. From Anarchist JP:
Guys…I know there has been a lot of going on with the Phaedo “lovefest” on SA lately but thought you might like this.
I was in Antigua for the 600 and returned home Friday, February 24th to Newport Beach, Ca.  Phaedo was still in front of Antigua Yacht Club when I left.  Was down on the water today in Newport and couldn’t help but notice the MOD 70’s arrival.  I thought the Gunboat was doing the Cabo Race.  I was wrong.
Pretty impressive considering they probably lost a day in the canal and it is nearly 6000 miles if you straight line it.  Apparently they don’t throttle back on deliveries much!