oh look, another shitty world sailing idea

An Olympic sailing event that involves “offshore” racing with one man and one woman (what, no transgender?) continuously for three or four straight days?  Maybe they should make it husband and wife teams and the  couple that makes it back not divorced is the winner. From Seahorse:
The offshore proposal calls for using manufacturer-provided boats. This will keep the cost low. At this early stage the choice of boat is not as important as the format of the event. The vision is to use a boat that is 9-12m in overall length.
The event would have a marathon feel to it with continuous racing for three to four days. Each boat would carry a tracker and video to feed position and images 24 hours per day. The onboard robotic cameras would be mounted in strategic spots on deck, and include microphones. The conversation when both crew are on deck would be fascinating (it would? You’ll hear a lot of nothing as one will be sleeping while the other is on deck – ed).
Viewers might just keep watching (yes and trump might suddenly develop a brain – ed), especially when the raceboats are close. Specific images of each boat would be available on the internet so you could follow your favourite team.
This has the stink of Gary Jobson all over it and might be one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard of. Jump in the forum to comment.