bad girl

Hula Girl was a very naughty gal this morning.
Tuesday March 7, approx 0815 hours, N32 52.8 W117 26.8 Approx offshore of La Jolla, Little miss bare pole heading 325 did not answer her channel 16 radio calls (about a dozen of them) from the big white, 457′ ship on her bow. Bad form missy.
Even though you are a sailboat, when your sails are stowed and you are motoring you are a motor vessel and we were flying RAM shapes and colors (Restricted in Ability to Maneuver).
Big white ship conducts classified operations and the dept of defense now knows that you got close to her and did not answer the radio.
Wish there was a way this anarchist could coerce a ride on her instead of earning his living on this big steel WW3 war game machine. Author here prefers sail power and the winners circle by the way.
Good luck on Transpac this year and check your radio!
Fellow anarchist out.