A fellow sailor said that the Dago Nood was going to have an ORC-based Sport Boat class and was I going to sail? I would, but of course the Noods demand that skippers be members of US Sailing in order to be eligible to enter. Not only is that requirement little more than coercion, it is an unnecessary obstacle to participation. And one that I will not be a part of.
Is US Sailing so desperate to control the sport that they have to forcibly enlist members? It is overreach and yet another way to fleece sailors and get them to goose step to the beat of an organization that does not necessarily represent them. Apparently, the $9 Million in revenue they made in 2014 just isn’t quite enough.
Of course most people don’t see it that way, they put their little US Sailing sticker on the back of their SUV and continue to bitch about the sport.
Fuck the Noods. – ed.