pure genius

The once incredibly well attended Newport to Ensenada Race is on the way to reaching its nadir. With just 7 weeks until entry deadline, they have a whopping 102 boats entered. That is a historically low number, and they have a long way to go to reach the 220 entered last year.
Of course low turnout isn’t exclusive to this race, but some bad promotional decisions made by questionable people with dubious motivations have not helped. Some genius wanted us to promote them essentially for free, when in years past we had a small ad buy from NOSA  to help promote the race.
And indeed we did. The Ed entered his Melges 32, we ran a number of articles leading up to the race, and did everything we could to help hype the race. Then, after losing first overall by 25 seconds, the Ed wrote about that and how great that breezy race was and how much fun was had in Ensenada after the race.
Frankly, we couldn’t imagine a better way to help sell the race than from the enthusiastic owner of a sailing website with our reach, who has a fast boat that he raced to Ensenada and was going to do it again. But said genius determined that not only should we work for free, but our site didn’t really address the PHRF racer.
Fuck if it doesn’t, and only an imbecile would make shit up to justify cutting us out of the picture. We don’t suffer fools and we don’t like being dissed by someone unqualified to carry our jocks down to the dock. We aren’t saying that we guarantee we can get a ton of people to enter, but  we guarantee that eliminating us a promotional vehicle is one way to not get any. That is pure genius.
We think we’ll sit this race out this year. Perhaps they can team up with SWYC and really show how to do it.