everything must go

anarchy beer can 1
Well not everything, but the mighty Anarchy is looking for a new home. I originally bought the boat with a two-year program in mind and while just a couple months into year two, I wanted to get the boat on the market for spring. For those who have sailed 32’s, you already know, but for those looking to go really quick in a boat that never ceases to amaze, this thing is a sure bet. Personally, it is the most fun boat I’ve ever sailed, and if I didn’t have a son going off to college later this year, I’d keep it. I can’t think of anything even close to this boat in this size and price.
Anarchy is the former Volpe, USA 180 and it is as nice, if not nicer than most 32’s. The boat has absolutely everything and all of it in fabulous condition. Most of you know that we dropped the original rig – literally dropped it – and we have a really nice one piece replacement mast that looks better than the original.
Melges 32’s are wet boats, and we discovered that water inside the boat had found a way under the inner laminate. We had Brad Fitzgerald do a thorough discovery of the issue and a total and thorough fix. The water was found in two specific areas only. Brad is considered the best in the business and he did a great job not only in repair, but also sealing the inside of the boat, leaving no ingress for further water intrusion, inside and out. The boat has a hard epoxy bottom and is of course very fair and smooth. It is worth noting that the 32’s can be susceptible to this issue, but ours is one that has addressed it.
Three plus sets of beautiful, lightly used Quantum sails, brand new B&G instruments and a full road trailer with full covers makes Anarchy a fully sorted, fast and ready to go Melges 32. Hit me up if you are interested. – ed.
Title props thanks to a great Will Ferrell movie.