like a fox

anarchy sails again
Very stoked to get the mighty Anarchy sailing again after our broken mast fiasco! The new spar is beautiful and after not having been out on the 32 for months, it was a sweet reminder of what an incredibly dynamic boat it is.
Oh and while sailing in the bay, one could barely even notice that the San Diego version of the 88th edition of the SCYA Midwinters, hosted by SWYC  was taking place. Six boats competed. Six total boats.  That is down from the 11 that had entered just a few days ago. The breeze was 12 knots, yet the racing was moved from the ocean to inside the bay. After all, who could possible be expected to brave 12 knots and an actual swell in the ocean?
Speaking of dubious moves, how interesting to note that SWYC recently scrubbed the 2016 San Diego to Ensenada race results from their website. Hmmmm, I wonder what monohull and skipper got first in class and first overall in that race?
What universe are these people living in?