what the hook gonna be?

There is seemingly a never ending supply of freighters and the like that are capsizing or in need of rescue, but do you ever wonder how the hell these beasts are righted? Check out this detailed look at the dynamics involved…
hookThe Sewol was a RoPax vessel built in 1994. She sank off southwest Korea on April 16, 2014 with the loss of 304 lives, many of them schoolchildren. The vessel capsized and sank in 44m water depth, coming to rest on her port side on a level seabed.
Divers searched for missing bodies until November, 2015. The last body found was in October. Nine bodies were still missing at the time of writing this paper. They are believed to be inside the wreck, probably in the damaged superstructure area.
For salvage planning, OrcaFlex was used to predict dynamic sling tensions under a range of potential operating conditions. The models developed used fully coupled analysis with the motions of the Dalihao crane barge being driven by diffraction force RAOs and influenced by the crane hook loads through appropriately modeled sling systems to the submerged Sewol model.
Simultaneously, the Sewol model was driven with diffraction force RAOs and was given a seabed ground reaction as well as sling loads from the crane barge. The seabed interface permitted the Sewol to respond in pitch and roll. Read on.
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