you can drive 55

Big Pimpin’
hh 55The Morrelli & Melvin-designed HH 55 from Paul Hakes and Hudson Marine takes all the best bits of the same team’s successful HH 66 to deliver an exceptionally attractive – and fast – new mid-sized package
It’s safe to say that high-speed offshore multihulls are no longer just a novelty enjoyed by a select few devotees. More and more of these craft are appearing around the world and builders are seeing a steady stream of interest and demand at various sizes for proper offshore yachts that are not only fast, but also comfortable, stable and versatile in use.
Last year’s launching of Hudson Marine’s HH 66 represented the introduction of the newest generation of offshore catamarans; the sleek 66-footer quickly demonstrated that luxurious and stylish cruising accommodation could now be delivered with an even higher level of sailing performance, the HH 66 beating more seasoned peers in the Mediterranean Multihull Cup last autumn.
This success not only prompted more business for Hudson Marine – five HH 66s have been launched, are in build or are on the order books– but also some valuable feedback to influence the next big cat in the product line, the new HH 55, due out for sea trials this month. – Read on.
Title inspiration thanks to Sammy Hagar, but since that song is perhaps the worst in history, listen to one  one much better that you’ve likely never heard.