don't drill, baby

The Environment
A new international study has demonstrated that deepsea nodule mining will cause long-lasting damage to deepsea life. This study, led by scientists at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in the U.K., was the first to review all the available information on the impacts of small-scale sea-floor disturbances simulating mining activity.
The experiments evaluated were much smaller than any planned mining program, which may impact an area the size of London every few years, but they show that the amount and diversity of marine life was reduced by the action of mining, often severely and for a long time.
The oldest experiment, assessed 26 years after the impact, still leaves an obvious disturbance on the sea-floor, and both the number of animals and species present in the disturbed area was reduced. Although some evidence of recovery was found, very few types of animals returned to previous levels even after decades. –
New sources of high-quality reserves of metals are now being sought, including the huge expanses of nodules covering significant amounts off the global deep sea floor. These nodules are potato-sized rocks, containing high levels of metals, including copper, manganese and nickel, which grow very slowly on the sea bed, over millions of years. Read on.
Title inspiration thanks to Caribou Barbie, who up to the coming of Agent Orange, was the most laughably idiotic politician to exist. She has been crushed by the Tangerine Jesus. – ed.