air fair

There’s a little airfare war heating up amongst low-cost European carriers looking to cut up the US market right now, and if you’re looking to race over on the Continent this spring, now might be the time to get tickets for less than half what the usual airlines are selling for.  Norwegian Air is undercutting everyone by a long way, especially in Premium, and most of their planes are comfy new 787s with all the trimmings.  But one company even makes Norwegian look pricey if you’re a true budget traveler, but if you’re OK with a short layover in Reykjavik, you can get San Francisco-London for less than 175 bucks each way with WOW. Even with a la carte baggage charges, it’s miles cheaper than anyone else we’ve seen in a long time.  Plus, Iceland’s club scene is ridonkulous and their tall, gorgeous women are known to be super casual about sex…why not make a night of it?
*We have no stake or advertising with either of these companies, nor do we have Icelandic girlfriends.  We just like sweet ticket deals!