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Michigan’s Ron Sherry is America’s premier ice boat racer, and he put this vid together a couple of years ago after an incredible trip to Lake Baikal in Siberia. Differing from the usual iceboat video because of the forward/aft-facing split-screen and informative text commentary, this is probably the single best video ever published for those looking to feel what racing a DN Iceboat is really like.
We also congratulate Ron and 19 year-old son Griffin for accomplishing every sailing parent’s dream – each won their fleet at last week’s DN North Americans, with Ron logging his 12th NA Championship in the Class with 5 bullets out of 7 races.
Wanna learn more about the fastest sail-driven racing on the planet?  First, visit Ice Boat Racing for years and years of great stories, pics, and video.  Then, check out the video tour we did of Ron’s iceboat-building shop this past weekend.  Finally, keep an eye on the Sailing Anarchy Podcast (iTunes here, Stitcher here) later this week for an hour of chat with Ron about life, family, and hard water sailing.