turn left

Keep Turning Left is a brilliant infotainment series about the coastal United Kingdom produced entirely by Cruising Anarchy member, Dylan Winter.
Dylan explores the extensive coastline of the UK from his Westerly Centaur, using his wit and storytelling abilities to relate the incredible beauty and history of each region to his viewers.
Keep Turning Left has always been primarily funded by its producer and Paypal contributions from the viewers. Unfortunately, Keep Turning Left has run out of funds and the series is in danger of ending before Dylan has completed his journey around the UK.
The funding goal is the estimated cost to keep the series running for one more year. Costs include moorage and maintenance for his boat, fuel and commuting costs to and from filming locations, and videography equipment.
The series illustrates the wild beauty of less commonly seen regions of the UK and the cultures of the people who inhabit them. Keep Turning Left is very popular with locals but also with international viewers who may never have the opportunity to visit these areas in real life.
It would be a grave disappointment for the series to end before all of the UK’s wondrous coastal regions can be documented by the series. To learn how to contribute, jump in this forum thread.