winter is coming

winter coming logo
Sure it’s a shameless rip off from Game of Thrones, but we wanted to bring something a little different to the Cortez Racing Association’s first regatta of 2017.  We grabbed the opportunity to sponsor this event and we are not only stoked to do so, we thought it would be fun to add a couple new features to the norm.
First, we have Justin Edleman videographing the races with playback courtesy of Control Entertainment to be shown at Fiddler’s Green during the post race party. As if coming to the party to watch how bad your boat sucks,  we have a couple of hostesses dispensing Mt. Gay Black Barrel Rum, courtesy of Mt. Gay – duh. One can only imagine where this might go…
We have a limited number of Winter is Coming tech shirts that we will be dispensing in the not typical CRA way of handing out raffle prizes, and mic duties will be handled by The Ed himself. It will be a thing to behold.
Racing? Yeah, we’ll do some of that – two races, in the bay, January 28. The Ed likes to mix shit up, so don’t be surprised to see, mmm… maybe a downwind start? Perhaps a reverse course? Perhaps nothing different at all?
There is really only one way to know for sure,  and that is simply to show up and go racing! Of course we want you CRA regulars to come out, but we’d like to get the most boats possible so if you are not a regular CRA racer, come out and The Ed promises special fun for you strangers!
Either way, when you add a little Anarchy to the ONLY club in town that consistently runs the best PHRF races in Dago, well that means that you simply have to be there. Step up and be a part of the scene. This sort of Anarchy may not happen again…