hard core

Big Pimpin’

If you can imagine it, we can probably build it.

diab big adWhether you manufacture pleasure boats, super yachts or large ships, the keys to success are the same: maximizing performance while reducing weight, cost and environmental impact. With core composite solutions from Diab you can do exactly that. In addition, the structural properties of our material allow for almost complete design freedom.

Diab offers a complete range of high-performance core materials, numerous finishing options and kit solutions, combined with renowned technical expertise, structural engineering services and applications training. With global manufacturing, sales and engineering presence, we follow our customers – and even anticipate their needs – positioning ourselves in strategic locations to best support them. This way we can ensure security of supply, cost efficiency, flexibility and local support.

Our successful combination of knowledge and technical excellence has already taken us to the top of the industry, in particular within marine applications. Diab core materials offer the highest strength per weight ratio, allowing for higher speed, longer range and greater payload capacity, as well as reduced power demand and lower impact on the environment. Furthermore, our materials provide excellent fatigue and slamming properties in sandwich structures, which makes them particularly ideal for vessels that often operate in high-sea conditions.

Our products and solutions have been used in a wide range of industries for decades and are all certified according to relevant industry standards. This excellent track record proves the quality and reliability of our materials and solutions, providing security and proof of performance few others can offer. Our dedication to making our business sustainable means we continually improve every aspect of our operations.

Having been in the business for as long as we have, we know what it takes to make a vessel both strong and light and we never rest on our laurels. Ever since the beginning, we have been dedicated to constant innovation and promoting a widespread adoption of sandwich core composite materials. What people say can’t be done we do every day. So take your wildest design dream and let us help you realize it. Together, we can find the solution that suits your needs and makes your vessel stronger, lighter and smarter. Right here.