neither surf nor turf

surf n turf
But badass, no doubt! From Anarchist Joachim:
Self built from plywood left overs, on the cheap, 49 sqft sail area, loosely based on the ST49 design by John Eisenlohr. This was my third outing with the boat on ice. Still learning the ropes of wing sailing. (I have sailed most everything else, big and small – multiple national champion in Contender class) Fun, fun, fun! Effortless speed, all loads self contained in wing. Way more comfortable than a DN. Control with two fingers (and two big toes for steering).
Scary to feel the powers at work when the flow fully attaches and the boat just keeps accelerating, and keeps going faster and faster. Goes to weather real well, super efficient. None of the other boats that day could keep up with speed or angles, incl. the skeeters.
Video here.