doomed by displacement

screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-8-52-12-amWith Rogue One death-starring its way to a billion dollars in revenue, sci-fi sailors around the world are wondering just why the Rebellion’s ship designers made the choices they did.  SA’er A3A asks your opinion:

It seems the rebel fleet is an unlikely match for the Imperial Fleet. The rebel ships all seem to be moderate to heavy displacement keelboats, At least some have bulb keels, but I didn’t see any canters. By virtue of the massive wealth of the emperor, the Imperial fleet seems to be large light displacement skiffs and lots of small foilers with variable wings. It’s plain to see whose going to win this race.
Seems vaguely familiar to me………

We’ve since learned that the Mon Calamari (yes, that’s really what Lucas called ’em) ships are actually weaponized buildings from their cities, but that doesn’t clear the rest of the ship choices…got more info, geeks?  Post it.