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It took Stephane LeDiraison nearly two weeks of jury-rig motor sailing – including a seaborne refueling – to get to Melbourne Australia after his dismasting, and SA’er Andy Roche was part of a group of local marine-response imagefirefighters who went out to greet Boulogne-Billancourte on her arrival.  Big props to Andy for the snaps, and for the Melbourne community of both French-speakers and Aussie sailors for offering assistance and such a warm welcome for the Breton.

In other news, this Vendee Globe’s constant source of jokes, tea, whisky, and Irish folks songs dropped his rig on New Year’s Day about 200 miles SE of New Zealand; Enda O’Coineen will retire from his 15th place position and head for Dunedin to regroup.  Discuss it all in the thread.