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The fun coldweather cruisers at A Life Aboard put together a decent list of must-read websites for the sailing obsessed in 2017.  We reprint it in full below, and encourage you to check out Matt Garand’s Maine-based blog for some of the most interesting maritime winter content around. 

1: S/V Delos: Slip away from your winter cocoon and follow along through inspiring videos and blogs as the crew of Delos sails around the world.
2: Sailing La Vagabonde: A young Australian couple films their adventures around the world sailing, fishing, and playing music.
3: Skip Novak’s Storm Sailing Techniques: This is a fantastic multi-part series explaining the techniques and tools needed for exploratory cruising in rough weather.
4: Cruising World: The go-to magazine for cruising destinations, gear reviews, and fascinating stories.
5: Cruiser’s Forum: A useful forum for everything from DIY projects to classifieds and gear reviews. An excellent peer-to-peer resource.
6: Sailing Anarchy: An alternative sailing site for all types of sailing, geared towards the fun, the different, and the exciting.
7: Sailing Totem: A family of 5 sailing around the world. They literally wrote the book on Voyaging with Kids!
8: Sailing Simplicity is a fantastic and popular blog by voyagers, liveaboards, and offshore sailing instructors Teresa and Benjamin Carey. For a glimpse into the voyaging world I highly recommend their movie One Simple Question!
9: Chasing Bubbles: “A documentary about the journey and spirit of Alex Rust, a farm boy turned day trader from Indiana who, at 25, abandoned his yuppie life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat and set out to sail around the world, learning as he journeyed.”
10:  Turf to Surf: Meet Tasha, a writer, sailor, adventurer, and filmmaker sharing stories from around the world.
11:  Marine How-To: A basic website with thoroughly detailed descriptions of projects for the DIY sailor.
12:  gCaptain: The go-to source for all marine news. Oriented to the commercial sector.
13:  Tall Ships America: Check here often for job postings and volunteer opportunities on tall ships!
14: Yacht World: This is where you go to dream about your next boat. I visit here way too often.
15: The Boat Galley: What started as a resource for cooking on a sailboat has grown into so much more. Excellent resource for DIY boaters, liveaboards, and cooks at sea.
16: Maine Boats, Homes, and Harbors: A Magazine and online resource for boating and coastal living in Maine.
17: Around Cape Horn: The tall ship Peking sails around Cape Horn in 1929 in this documentary narrated by Irving Johnson. A must see.