great plastic lakes

great-lakes-plasticRochester Institute of Technology (RIT) researchers have found alarmingly high concentrations of plastic debris in the Great Lakes. According to their latest inventory estimates, nearly 10,000 metric tons (22 million pounds) of plastic debris enter the Great Lakes every year from the United States and Canada.
Earlier studies estimated that 40,000 to 110,000 metric tons of plastics enter the oceans along the U.S. coastline. And other studies have estimated that roughly four million to 12 million tons of plastic enter the oceans annually.
We may know a lot about plastics entering the oceans, but according to a 2015 University of Waterloo report, very little is known about plastic entering the Great Lakes.
(Not to worry. Under King Orange Hitler, not only will absolutely nothing be done about this, how long until it is illegal to even report on such issues?  All hail the new King. – ed)
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