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millennium failing

millennial-760x522If those of us who love the sport do not spread that love to new prospects, we have ourselves to blame when our fleets dwindle and it becomes impossible to find good crew.  One 28 year old sailor – Anarchist “North253” – is doing his best, and he and all his generation-mates need your help.  
My generation is, as near as I can tell, a bunch of entitled idiots. I love sailing, and was raised by sailors. But the truly unobservant things I have been asked about sailboats and sailing by people my age is mind boggling. I answer all of their questions tirelessly and patiently, because the more interest I can generate the better, and the slow decay of my favorite pastime especially among people my age and younger saddens me, because it is oh so cool!
I bought a flush deck Cal 28 recently with the intent to take as many people as I can get sailing, because they clearly don’t get it. (This is my second full size sailboat).  But this takes the cake:  I was recently asked by a 29yo lawyer friend, who is generally not a moron, “yeah they are cool but can’t you only sail on rivers, you can’t take sailboats onto like the ocean right?”
Other amusing questions include:
-“But sailboats can’t have engines, so you’re screwed when there is no wind”
-“can’t you only go the same direction the wind is blowing”
-“is there a way to steer it? What happens when you hit land?”
-“what about sharks?”
While a fair question by the uninitiated, my favorite to answer has to be,”won’t it flip over”
Christ, who raised us?  Apparently, I have work to do…Maybe, just maybe I can recruit some new sailors.
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