*you say tomaytoe…

SH-Dec16-Cover hi res.qxp_Cover 07.qxdUPDATED: Click here for the awesome deal listed below.
The only sailing website in the world worth looking at and the only sailboat racing magazine worth reading… I guess we all deserve each other… (is that a good thing? – ed)
This year’s Xmas love for Anarchists from your (many) Seahorse fans is even dumber than last time…
12-months of Seahorse Print+Digital+Seahorse Sailing Cap for US$50 (less than half price)
– (elsewhere €€50/£40)
Two-years of Seahorse Print+Digital+Seahorse Protech Dry Shirt for US$90
– (elsewhere €€90/£75)
Last-minute gift or it’s just ‘all about me’… And all guaranteed to be 110% most thoroughly excellent…
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