screw it

vmg-screw2VMG Yacht Design has engineered a set of screwable low friction rings. They are to be mounted through a deck or a bulkhead. The VMG rings can be used either as a fairlead, a chainplate or even a pad eye by simply adding a dogbone. Ideal to guide, deviate or tighten a control line whilst being an easy to install and use and reliable fitting for composite structures.
It is a light “must have” piece of hardware developed to deviate ropes and prevent both the structure and rope from wear. Ideal for efficient, reliable and simple modern deck layout. Today, there are three models of rings each adapted to a different rope diametre from 2 mm to 18 mm. The threads make them very easy to adapt to composite structures of variable thickness: they are adjustable from 14 mm to 21 mm.
The products are distributed in France by Inorope, in the UK by Technical Marine Supply and in Australia by Bombora Marine. New distributors are welcomed. Today the most demanding teams are equipped with the VMG rings from the America’s Cup to International Moth.
Meanwhile VMG Yacht Design is a yacht design office based in Switzerland. Mainly designing custom racing boats from mini-transat to lake racers. It is a small and reactive team with all engineering made in house. A fast production club racing boat signed by the office will soon hit the water. Click here for more information.