smack my bitch up

I really thought I had seen it all until I read that FIFA, that sporting governing body which has hardly been short on ridiculous decisions and financial impropriety has charged Scotland & England for breaking their rules.

On 11th November each year the Great Britain & Commonwealth fallen of two world wars. The commemorative symbol is a Flanders Poppy, a red flower.

Scotland & England had an international football match on that day or very close to it (not into football enough to bother checking) and the players, fans and national associations felt it appropriate to wear poppies in memory of the collective sacrifice of millions of men and women.

It was against the rules – FIFA’s rules that is – and the Football Association and the Scottish Football Association rightly ignored FIFA’s ruling and wore the poppies.

Incredibly FIFA have now charged the associations with inappropriate behaviour.

Nothing more to say! Thank goodness our sport’s governing body is more in touch with reality. Isn’t it?
Title inspiration from both the Poppies, this song, and the fact that those pricks have to be really high to pull that horseshit.