the threes

They say bad luck comes in threes, right? Wll, the first happened a couple weeks ago with water seepage in the core of the something less than mighty Anarchy. It has been repaired wonderfully by Brad Fitzgerald, and we towed the boat back to SDYC today to launch.. But as we were stepping the mast to get Anarchy back in the water, we had a failure with the gin pole system just as the mast was almost all the way up.
The port support line knot suddenly slipped, the rig started leaning radically to starboard, and before we could do anything the load caused the gin pole to fold and that took the rig right down to the ground and it fucking broke! It was unbelievable that it happened. We are still stunned, and there is no one to blame as far as I can tell.  And other than bruised egos, thankfully nobody was hurt. We will now wait for the insurance company to hopefully cover this accident, and we will again live to fight another day!
Oh, and I just can’t wait to see what the third bad thing is…!