the art of noise

Vendee Breaking

Following a collision off the coast of Portugal, vibrations aboard the MACSF monohull have led to an unbearable noise. For several days, Bertrand de Broc has heard a deafening noise. The cause of this was a knock off Portugal. As such bangs are very common in a race, Bertrand de Broc did not really worry about it initially. But the noise has grown and has become unbearable, when the boat goes above 14 knots.
Bertrand de Broc has therefore taken the decision this evening to change course and head for Fernando de Noronha to check out what is happening on the boat and try to understand what is causing the noise. Several ideas are being explored by Marc Guillemot, the team Manager for MACSF, to identify the cause. A thorough check will be required, in particular of the hull, keel and rudders. To do that, Bertrand plans to anchor leeward of Fernando de Noronha, to be able to dive to inspect the boat.   More here.
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