rebuild it and they will come?

We do get some strange ones…
Rescuing a former sailing freighter, built in 1911, to make it suitable for ecological freight transport, with zero emissions by taking full advantage of the wind and the self-produced electricity as the only means of propulsion. This, in a nutshell, describes the “Brigantes” project, an ambitious renovation project aimed at promoting the benefits of carbon neutral shipping, and strengthening the Sail Cargo Alliance, a growing movement of eco-sustainable freighters.
In addition to delivering zero-emission goods between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, “Brigantes” will offer anyone the opportunity to learn how to navigate on a traditional sailing ship.
The 30 meters long ship is currently being fully restored in a specialized shipyard in Trapani, Sicily. The new launch has been scheduled for 2018 at which time the reborn vessel will again sail the world seas, and one day have a chance to meet the “Eye of the Wind“, its world famous twin-sister ship.