innovate or die

Big Pimpin’
innovateMost of us who have been racing for any time at all will have been fascinated at how the quality of the equipment can have such a huge influence on the success, enjoyment and also the safety of our sailing experience. On nearly every type of sailing craft – racing or cruising – one of the principal ongoing challenges is not with the rigours of the weather or the sea, but with friction and the inefficiency or otherwise of the hardware in harnessing both our human energy and the energy provided by the elements to propel the boat forward in the most effective way possible.
Main picture: One of the benefits of recruiting a top Italian sailor is he will be likely to have an inside track on the latest equipment coming out of Italy’s famous cauldron of engineering excellence. Former Prada skipper Max Sirena is now with Grant Dalton at Team New Zealand, big users of Maior Italia products
And for many of us there is nothing more annoying than knowing our peak performance is being limited by inefficiencies – especially in our equipment.
At UBI Maior Italia they take this annoyance seriously and a passion for improvement drives an unrelenting drive towards innovation in design and fabrication of the very finest in line and sail-handling systems. The team’s experience of and close relationships with the top sailing programmes in the 52 SuperSeries and other pinnacle competitions have helped the company develop a range of products that has not only grown in popularity among these teams, but has now earned peer-reviewed design and innovation awards at major marine trade shows. – Read on.