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screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-44-46-am[That’s French for ‘spied’ -ed]. Seasailsurf posted a couple of pics pulled from Gitana’s incredible, museum-quality exposition in the Vendee Race Village, and they think they might have a real scoop; the shots are of Gitana 17 – the 33-meter Verdier-designed full foiling Ultim that’s set to shatter every record there is.  The team have worked extremely hard to keep every detail about the boat secret; is it really possible that they overlooked its inclusion in a gorgeous coffee table book in their own booth?  We find it unlikely, but it’s interesting to note the lack of a long traveler track, and the appendages; three t-rudders, two L-daggers, and a straight dagger with a trim tab.
Meanwhile, Thomas Coville just knocked a day off the outright Ouessant-Equator trip on his RTW attempt, getting there in 5D17h – that’s around the same time in took the fully crewed RTW boats…Follow Thomas via this thread.