"fraudulent governance"

The takedown begins. And it can’t happen a minute too soon… 
The International Federations of Kitesports Organisations (IFKO) has accused World Sailing of fraudulent governance over the sport of kiteboarding.
Diogo Paes Fernandes, president of IFKO, says that World Sailing has illegally taken over kiteboarding and is already taking legal steps to put an end to what he consider a “fraudulent governance.”
“Competition, credibility, and athletes have suffered for several years from a variety of power struggles, directly or indirectly caused by the misappropriation of kiteboarding under World Sailing,” says Paes Fernandes.
“Having investigated the various processes, IFKO classifies the current situation as fraudulent and will do everything possible to ensure this is resolved, and the sport of kiteboarding and all its disciplines are allowed to stand on their own, in a right and proper manner.” Read on, thanks to Sufer Today.