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Big Pimpin’
PredictWind continues to consolidate their position as the world leader in forecast data by adding the ECMWF forecast model to their ensemble of top weather models.
The ECMWF model (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts) is very highly regarded by Meteorologists and top Navigators around the world. This is the highest rated global weather model from a national weather service making it the perfect fit for PredictWind.
In March 2016 ECMWF increased their model resolution to 9 km, making it the highest resolution 10 day GLOBAL model available. This global resolution coverage is unprecedented and the super computing power required to run a global model at 9 km resolution is truly impressive.
“We have rolled out the ECMWF model across all platforms and replaced the CMC model. The PWC model was initialised with CMC data but now it will be initialised by ECMWF data and has been renamed PWE. The better quality input data for the PWE will result in a more accurate forecast”, said Jon Bilger, PredictWind CEO.
“The decision to make a change like this was not taken lightly, but the ECMWF is so highly regarded by top navigators and meteorologists we decided now was the time”. Bilger went on to say, “We are about providing our customers with the very best weather data, so the ECMWF fits in perfectly with the proprietary PredictWind models. We know from experience and feedback from these top navigators and customers that the PredictWind model still regularly “beats” the ECMWF/GFS. We have scientists evaluating how the ECMWF/GFS models compare to the PredictWind model and look to publish the results on our website by Q2 2017.”
“ECMWF forecasts, especially the high resolution data, has always been prohibitively expensive, however in keeping with our mandate to provide the very best weather data we have decided to include it with all PredictWind accounts. The ECMWF data will be available on all PredictWind platforms – Website, PredictWind App and the Offshore App.”
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