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Big Pimpin’
loadLoad sensors and data gathering have been a familiar part of the sport going back to the late era of IOR – in particular the final generation of IOR supermaxis like Bill Koch’s data-muncher Matador3. Today the technology is prevalent from the America’s Cup to big offshore trimarans to VO65s and including most of the modern superyacht fleet.
The demand for data from raceboats is continually increasing – but it’s a form of technology that to date has been relatively inaccessible to the mainstream sailor, not to mention many designers and builders.
However, for some time Spinlock has been working on developing load-sensing technology that is accessible to the wider world of sailing, as the company’s marketing manager James Hall explains: ‘Spinlock has been measuring load on ropes and rigging for 20 years, but recently more and more people in the sport have acquired an appetite for data and the performance benefits data can bring to a team if used correctly.’
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