it's a dirty world

dirtyLife always feels a bit more than full-on each and every day of a typical 52 Super Series regatta. Among those under most time pressure this season have been the shore crews. Up until an August hiatus prompted by the Olympics their schedule has been extremely tight. The drive to ensure that each raceboat operates perfectly for every second that it is out on the water is never ending, magnified by how close the battle for every point has been this season.
Under these circumstances it is gratifying that all the racing teams’ nominated ‘environmental ambassadors’, who are mostly drawn from the shore technicians, are still making it a priority to gather together at each event, discussing and developing new ways to fulfil their brief; the 52 Super Series wants to be at the sharp end in today’s efforts to deliver more sustainable, environmentally aware sailing events… a movement that, appropriately for a ‘green’ activity, is starting to gain momentum across the sport. Photo thanks to Max Ranchi.
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