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Local Knowledge

lake-powellThank you Sailing Anarchy for your informative, relevant, and entertaining coverage over the years! The clip on canoe sailing along the east coast prompted me to report on our latest Lake Powell canoe sailing trek, six days on the water, wilderness canoe camping.

Although I know nothing of big water, perhaps some Sailing Anarchists will get a kick out of this somewhat renegade outfit from the Rocky Mountains who love to paddle and sail. We have a fleet of 4 trimarans and two single-outrigger fixed-wing canoe sailers, detailed here. All are recreational canoes rigged with sails so as to preserve the paddling experience. We’ve made six trips to Lake Powell, and this last one was the best sailing ever.

We departed Stanton Creek (Bullfrog) Sunday AM in two trimarans and two single-outrigger canoes. The south wind gave us a nice beam reach to Moqui Canyon, then a great run to Hansen Canyon. The next day was SW at about 20mph, another great run on first reef all the way to Sevenmile Canyon. And the third day it blew some more, taking us to Good Hope Bay. The fourth day, it shifted to the NE and we had another great run under full sail to Knowles Canyon. Then the wind died completely, giving us an 11 mile and 3 miles paddle the last two days, returning to Stanton Creek Friday PM. We covered 60 river miles, 45 miles of kickass sailing and 15 miles of kickass paddling.

A full set of pictures from our October 2016 trip, gives the flavor of Lake Powell canoe camping, including some incredible vertical fire pics. Our June 2016 trip included the Hobie and grandkids. If bored with camping pics, choose these sailing-only pictures from our six trips. More about Rocky Mtn Safari here. Cheers, Frank at Rocky Mtn Safari