anarchy rules

Big Pimpin’
Only few years ago a bunch of enthusiastic Danish sailors started a pretty anarchistic race – no ISAF rules (now World sailing), no rating, a start line which is also the finish line and an island you sail around clockwise or counterclockwise. There are few classes which group the boats but only by length or by number of hulls. That said the island of Fyn is pretty big. Takes you a good hour driving by car to get across which in marine speak translates to about 134 miles.
This year a staggering 400 skippers signed in and filled in all of the available slots half a year before the actual start on Autumn equinox. Even with the fleet this size ithe race stayed true to its founding principles established by its original Race director Morten Brandt – minimum amount of rules and an adventure sized to be just outside of an average sailors comfort zone.
For the fourth time the Seascapes were part of the race. After the line honours Seascape 27 took in the overall monohull ranking two years ago, the number of Seascapes that joined the race was steadily growing. Even though the race is way out on the limit for the small 18, the 24 and especially the 27 are loving the format. But to cut the long story short simply check the video above.