AC Breaking

loser pays

screen-shot-2016-10-11-at-1-31-08-pmOnce again our ever-reliable rumor mill was right, and Dr. Harvey Schiller’s exodus from the top spot at ACEA came just before the AC organizers got smacked down by an arbitrator for breaking their contractual agreement to hold the AC Qualifiers in Auckland this coming February.
As we reported in August, Schiller and Coutts had been at odds for the better part of a year over Coutts’ screwing his fellow kiwis over, and according to the NZ Herald, ACEA may have to pay Team New Zealand up to $5 million for breaking their contract.
Of course Coutts and pals are fundamental enemies of transparency and literally no one is allowed to say anything about anything.
Look for an announcement about this sometime right after…never.