sounds like bs

WS. Initially thought it was new text speech when it started appearing in my mail, maybe youth’s are using it to say ‘WazSup’ in an even shorter format. I just put it down to my age not able to keep up with all of these words that mean nothing.
Restricted by international borders they are not. In fact a plethora of three letter agencies who, as we all know, should you find yourself having to deal with one appreciate we could well be in trouble. MI5, CIA, FBI, FSB, BVD spring to mind, you know, scary if you see it on a letterhead or worse still, on the badge of the guy stood in front of you. Those three letters have power and command respect.
Other agencies are there for the sake of humanity, these get four letters abbreviations, it makes us feel like these guys know what they are doing and can be trusted, that extra letter takes away our fears and lets us know their motivations are truly altruistic. NATO..NASA.. Get the picture?.
In fact there is one I can think of with 5 letters. Anytime they make an announcement I certainly pay attention and trust that with the long abbreviation the information is verified and correct. 5 Stars to WSSRC. (World Sailing Speed Records Council)
I am sure that after a prolonged consultation with an expensive London based PR firm who were no doubt rewarded handsomely the same logic was used when they dreamt up ISAF.
At the time this change didn’t receive my support. Federation sounds authoritarian, where as the word Union implies the power lays within the membership.
Now ISAF seemed stupid when it first came around, everyone I thought knew that ISAF stood for ISrael Air Force. In fact ISAF can be mistaken for nine other organisations or meanings. Still the name was diluted further when in 2001 ISAF the International Security Assistance Force was formed. What did ISAF (sailing) do? Send out a legal challenge? Change their name as soon as possible? No they waited it out until 2014 when ISAF the International Security Assistance Force was disbanded. Then instead of calling the PR firm to set about taking back ownership through branding of ISAF, they came to the conclusion that if the abbreviation is not good enough for NATO then it is no good for sailing either. The PR firm was called.
So what just happened to ISAF?. Perhaps the ratings agencies have, based on future possibilities have had no choice but to downgrade them, maybe not based on the futures market at all though. The recent past could have something to do with it.
Lately, if you follow the other news you may have noticed that to gain total world domination you must go for a two letter abbreviation. They stand out. Say don’t mess with us, we set the rules. You know them…UN… US…EU. Evil empires lately seem to be changing their acronym’s too. USSR got in on the act going to RU. Now the biggest threat to humanity, according the same news outlets, even ISIL & ISIS and have seen to have a real evil empire you have to go for two. IS.
It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the same London based PR company were now instructed to complete a corporate re-branding and have the intern with the kid on work experience from college come up with this utter piece of brilliance.
Maybe there is a perfectly innocent explanation, like four letters is a lot of ink and we are saving 50% on printing costs now.
So why the latest downgrade?
Our American friends know all about BLM and the issues with WS.
Oh! Not white supremacy? Oh?
WS. Williams Syndrome. an abnormality in the genes, resulting in mental retardation. Harsh.
WS. Waardenburg Syndrome. A hereditary syndrome characterized by varying degrees of deafness. Yes that one seems to fit.
WS. Well there are 114 meanings for this abbreviation so what do you expect. Nicely diluted ISAF if you are trying to hide in google searches.
Even Islamic State’s new identity is backed by a worldwide marketing campaign to get the two letters into our daily vocabulary.
What are World Sailing doing with WS?
In fact what have ISAF done period? That is another blog coming soon.
I though World Sailing’s role was to grow sailing around the world and look after primarily the sailors interests. So here is an idea, Southampton, from where you sit in luxury offices quaffing quail and glugging copious amounts of champagne, no doubt blagged free is the capital of the sailing world, apparently.
So why not relocate to where you can change things? Western Samoa, who I am sure have desperate funding requirements for sailing programs and will be happy to share the .ws abbreviation for a small copyright license fee which you can save from the rent money.
IYRU stands for International Yacht Racing Union
Guess what else the abbreviation can be mistook for … ? go on… I’ll give you another 5 seconds.. no? Well, that is because no another organisation exists that shares it. Amazing isn’t it.
You would think that with diluting you ability to be found an organisation like this must not be proud to stand out with it’s unique four letter abbreviation. Like a Four Star General. Chest out. I’m responsible for the safety and security of many. And proud of it.
WS? I smell BS. Do you? Let us have a poll. – Anarchist Jeff