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Big Pimpin’
north-seahorseTom Whidden and Michael Levitt’s legendary reference work on the art and science of sails has received a complete and well-researched update.
This is a RANS code CFD analysis showing what happens at the top of a conventional mast sailing upwind. Circulation, (below) oft misunderstood, seldom accounted for, is critical to upwind performance. This book explains in depth both why and how circulation works and its significant contribution
Our sport of sailboat racing is complicated. In fact, there may not be a sport as detailed, nuanced and, dare it be said, perplexing. The sheer difficulty of moving up the learning curve in sailboat racing surely has to be one of the reasons why our sport seems reluctant to grow.
For those who sail below the professional crewed level, a short time on a fully crewed boat, whether it be an Etchells or a Maxi 72, will drive home this point. To steal a line from a golfing ad, ‘these guys are good’. Clearly, the skills of these pros result from years of experience. It is their job. So what is the amateur sailor to do?
The same question would be asked of a rookie intending to climb Everest, or of someone about to train for their first marathon. The answer in the case of all three examples is to learn and understand the foundations of the sport.
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