Big Pimpin’

Representing a revolution in concept, the Diam 24 new one design sport boat multihull is seducing its audiences across the world. Why?
Conceived carefully to correspond to the needs of the market – it is an exciting fun modern (strict) one design sport boat multihull that is affordable and technically accessible to a wide audience of both mono and multihull sailors through its innovative design and simplicity.
Well-constructed, the rigid, robust, low maintenance platform gives you the ability to experience high performance multihull thrills in complete safety. Why go slow..?!
The boat is everything you would expect, designed by the renowned Naval Architects VPLP in France; it assembles the best technological developments and innovations of the multihull world over the last 20 years.
Elegant modern design, a two part sleeved Carbon mast, well thought out efficient systems, quality hardware, good sails, solid composite engineering and appropriate construction techniques, (carbon and epoxy where you need it), an electric motor and its delivered complete with all mandatory safety equipment to boot.
It’s no surprise it’s been selected by the Iconic Tour de France a la Voile for its new spectacular “stadium and coastal race” format and is powering forward into the 21st century – rupturing a 36 year run of mono hull participation.
But more than a product it’s a concept. The product is supported by a class organisation and a simple set of easy to apply class rules.
Visit us at Annapolis Boat Show DOCK C – (special offers available). Grab your opportunity – demos by appointment NOW available in the USA – call +1 401 662 7658.