barely hanging on

We shared the tragic story of John Harrison Doucet, and sadly it has not gotten any better…
Surgeons had to amputate John Harrison Doucet’s right arm above the elbow Monday, his parents told their Gulfport attorney, Joe Sam Owen.
The lifelong sailor, 20, was shocked by an overhead electrical line as he parked his sailboat Sept. 18 at the Gulfport Yacht Club after taking his mother and her sisters on an afternoon sail. He was gripping the boat’s trailer as a cable from the mast touched an overhead power line.
“The arm that they amputated, there had been a great deal of muscle damage and it was obviously a significant problem for him,” said Owen, whom the family notified by email. “The burns are third and fourth degree, which is very serious.”
Owen said muscle from John Harrison’s back also had to be removed because it was so severely damaged. His legs had been amputated after the accident, when he was flown to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Jackson.
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