go for it

We’ve made it to Miami! After hunkering down through hurricane Hermine in Savannah, we pushed south through a maze of inlets and waterways along the Georgia coast towards Florida. Strong tides and light winds brought a lot of Mirage drive peddling or “miraging” as we call it, but as we crossed into Florida the conditions improved and we were able to sail most of the time.
Overall the boats held up amazingly well. The only issues we had were a broken seat, the result of some overzealous attempts to surf the canoes (see video!) and a broken mizzen mast courtesy of a navigation piling that we snagged. Luckily the entire team is now well versed in woodworking and fiberglass repair, so we were able to get it all back up and running quickly.
A huge thanks to everybody for following this crazy adventure, for their supportive comments on the videos and social posts, and for being amped up about boat building! Through this experience we fell in love with wooden boat building and hope that this project is proof that anybody…ANYBODY can build their own craft, especially when using a CLC kit! Yesterday we got word that the Expedition Canoes WILL become a kit you can build yourself, so if this design strikes your fancy, get in touch with the masters themselves at clcboats.com and get after it! – Team Waterlust.